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*It is the year 2012, I never believed that it would actually happen but if your still alive? Your worst fears have came true. My name is Jake Tyler, and me and my sister Sam are the last survivors of what is now earth. Everyone we knew, our parents, friends, relatives, are all gone. Can you believe it? The predictions, the mayans, they all had it right and all it took was an hour to ruin everything mankind had built. It was hard for us to see walking down what use to be the Brooklyn bridge. There was no flood, no polar ice caps melting, just war. I thought the bible was just a book written by people of boredom but I couldnt have been more wrong. It began like any other day. I was just coming home from school.

Jakes mom: Jake!

*Not even a step through the door and jake was already getting yelled at by his mom which occured almost everyday.*

Jake: Mom! Im not even through the door yet!

Jakes mom: Have you seen your sister because shes not answering her phone and I need her here, shes not out with that boy is she?

Jake: How would I know?

*I couldnt stand my sister because all she did was party drink and lets just say she didnt have the best reputation around school. Most people would say we're on opposite sides of the gene pool. I cared about grades, she didnt, I didnt have very many friends, she did. Not to mention she was the homecoming queen 2 years in a row so having guys constantly talk about her wasnt very fun and was an every day thing. Dont get me wrong though I wasnt a loser or anything, I wasnt cool enough for the popular kids but too cool to hang out with the band kids so I stayed neutral and I was fine with that.*

Jake: why dont you follow the trail of condoms and you'll find her.

Mom: Thats not funny Jake! She has standards and would never do such a thing until she met the right boy.

Jake: She meets the right boy every weekend then.

Mom: what?

Jake: Nothing.

Mom: Thats really not funny Jake. Sex isnt a joke.

Jake: it is if its with a clown.

*Disgusted like always my mom looked at me and just walked away. I knew she loved me though. She loved both of us. I headed to my room as usual to get started on my long list of homework when I heard the front door open and slam shut. My mom and sam were going at it like they do everyday at 4:00. I could hear the foot steps coming up to my room. She might as well have kicked the door down.*

Sam: Tell me dick face why is it that mom and dad like you so much better than me when im clearly the prettier one?

Jake: I dunno Sam, maybe it has something to do with your whorish behavior and lack of mental thoughts.

Sam: Fuck you jake, your just jealous cuz everyone likes me and your just stuck at the bottom of the social totem pole.

Jake: yeah thats it sam.

*I could hear my mom scream from downstairs*

Mom: Jake! Sam! Come down here and look at this.

Jake: Whatd you do now sam?

Sam: I never do anything retard.

Jake: I know.

I wish I could say there were times we did get along but for the most part we didnt. We headed downstairs to see my mom sitting in front of the tv. She was watching the news and apparently a series of mass earth quakes had gone on in the west coast. We lived in New York so we had no idea. Mom turned up the tv.*

News reporter: If your tuning in just now the west coast has just been hit all over with a series of 9.0 earth quakes. From the cammeras in our helecopters we can clearly see people in panic and running. Wait what is that?

*The helecopter cammera spots something crawling in from the cracks of the seperated streets.*

News Reporter: Hank, is there a way to zoom in on what we are seeing here?

*The cammera zooms in. A figure is shown coming out of the cracks. The cammera captures the figure standing upright and staring into the cammera. His eyes glowing bright red. The figure was bald, pale skin, and only wearing pants. His skin looked like shredded meat, and blood dripped from his mouth. He looked at the helecopter and tilted his head to the side and pointed*

News Reporter: Is... is he looking at us? What the hell is that!

*A woman running by is grabbed by the figure by the neck and thrown to the ground screaming. The cammera watching what is going on zooms in to see the figure take out a knife while speaking to the woman. The woman screams as he jams the knife into her stomache.*

News Reporter: Jesus christ!

*The figure takes the knife out of her stomache and begins to carve into her head.*

Jake: whats he doing with that knife!

News Reporter: ladies and gentlemen I dont know what we are seeing but this is not human I repeat this is not human.

*The figure stands over the lifeless body and stares up at the helecopter and points once again. He lets out a horrible scream as you see more creatures begin to rise up from the ground. What looks to be hundreds appear out of nowhere and take off through the streets. Mom turned off the tv*

Sam: This cant be real, that couldnt have just happened.

Jake: Uh no Sam its not real, we just saw some creature hop out of the streets stab someone and carve a fucking number into a girls head! No thats not real or anything!

Sam: Shut up Jake!

Mom: shut up both of you!

*A small rumble begins to occur.*

Sam: what was that...

*You can hear a few car alarms go off and a few dogs begin to bark. All of a sudden a big bang happens and throws everybody to the floor. Screams from the neighbors and car alarms fill the air as jake, sam and their mom get up from the floor.*

Mom: are you guys ok?

Sam: yeah we're fine! whats happening!

Mom: I dont know but we cant stay here!

Jake: Uhh guys....

*Sam and her mom look over at Jake looking out the front window to see a hand coming out of the cracks of the street.*

Jake: That thing we saw on tv.. Its coming out of the street.

Sam: Oh my god we're gonna die. Mom we're gonna die!

*I had never seen sam so scared before. I tried to pinch myself but no matter how hard i pinched I wasnt waking up. I knew this wasnt a dream. My mom tried to console Sam*

Mom: Sam, look at me. Sam! Look at me. Nobody is going to die, Ok? You and Jake are gonna be fine. We just have to get ahold of your dad and find out where he is and we'll get to as safe place and we'll all be together ok?

Sam: Ok..

Mom: Jake? do you understand that too? We're all gonna be ok!

Jake: I hope so.

Mom: Incase something happens you guys stay together! You understand? Stay together no matter what!

Jake: We will

*Up until that point as I said that to my mom I looked over at Sam and realized I had never been the brother she needed and at that point I knew that whatever was happening would never come near her as long as I was around. It took the end of the world for me to realize what was truly important.*

Mom: Ok we cant stay here, we have to move or whatever those things are they'll get in and I will not let them harm you ok.

*all of a sudden a knock comes at the door. A very slow knock. Beat... Beat..... Beat.... We stared silently at the door motionless. Our hearts dropping and bodies shaking. We hoped the knock would go away.It didnt. Knock... Knock... Knock... My mom whispered to us*

Mom: Upstairs.... Now.

Jake: But mom..

Mom: Jake! Move.

*we slowly began to walk to the stairs staring at the door hoping whatever it was would just stay there. My sister kept her hands over her mouth to keep from making noise as tears rolled down her face. My mom trying to keep calm wiped the tears from her eyes as well. I myself had to contain myself from crying. You dont know what its like to know something wants to kill you. I whispered to my mom*

Jake: Mom... Did anyone lock the door..

Mom: Shit...

*The door handle began to slowly jiggle. We had just reached the top of the stairs. The handle began to move slowly. We ran into our parents room, my mom pushing me and sam into the closet whispered to us*

mom: You guys this is the only door with a lock on it and theres only room for 2.

Jake: Mom, no.

Sam: No mom you cant do this to us we can all fit.

mom: No we cant sam. Ill be under the bed. They wont find me I promise. We'll be ok. We'll all be ok. I love you both.

*The sound of the front door swings open hitting the wall and footsteps could be heard on the pinewood floor downstairs. My mom grabbed our hands and kissed both of them as we watched the tears roll down her face. There was no time for a hug she shut the door and locked it and rushed under the bed. The footsteps could be heard walking up the stairs. Tap... Tap... Tap... noises were also coming from the kitchen as it sounded like plates and silverware were being thrown around. My sister was having a hard time trying to control her breathing. The footsteps got closer to our room as the cracks on the pinewood floor drew closer. We could see a shadow coming into the room. There was an awful smell that made you just wanna plug your nose. Breathing heavily the figure entered the room. My sister gasped as I covered her mouth with my hand. The figure sticking his nose in the air seemed to be getting a high off the smell of the room. He looked around and reached into his pocket pulling out a knife. The creature looked at the closet as if he could see us looking right at him. He smiled as he went to grab the handle. My mom screamed*

Mom: No!!!!

*The creature hearing my mom turned to the bed and let out a horrible scream as my mom tried to get as far back under the bed as she possibly could. My sister tried to break lose of my hold but I had to hold her still. The creature got down and grabbed my mom by the leg. My mom tried to kick and scream but he pulled her from under the bed. The creature grabbing her by the neck picked her up and slammed her against the wall holding onto her. He put his face next to hers and began to talk softly*

Creature: Others..... If you tell me there are others.... I may let you go.

Mom: No.. No others. Its just me.

Creature: I can smell your fear... I can sense your lying to me. One more chance human... Are there others..?

Mom: Its just me...

*The creature looked as if he was releasing his hold and thats when he slammed his knife into her stomache. He screamed as the look of pain filled her face. The tears pouring heavily. restraining my sister became more difficult she was making too much noise. The creature looked over at the closet. He pulled his knife from her as she fell down. He walked over to the closet and tried to open the door.*

Creature: You dont understand whats happening do you! You're all going to die!

*the creature let out a scream and punched through the door. Jake could hear his moms words echo in his ear. "Stay Together", No matter what stay together" jake opened the door slamming it into the creatures face. His arm still caught. Jake grabbed the creatures head slamming it into the door repeatedly. The figure with one arm tossed Jake across the room throwing him into a wall. The creature began to walk over to jake as Sam jumped on his back. The creature swining around trying to get her off. Jake disoriented, got up shaking his head. The creature dropping his knife to get her off grabbed sam by the head and flung her over his shoulder. Jake picked up the knife and sprinted across the room. Jumping into the air jake slammed the knife into the creatures neck. The creature letting out a scream fell to his knees as blood squirted out. The creature layed dead on the floor as Jake stood over him breathing heavily. Jake whiped the blood from his face*

Jake: are you ok sam?

*Sam ignoring the question immedietly ran over to her mom. Jake and Sams mom lyed still as sam grabbed her moms head and put it on her lap.*

Mom: Sam....

Sam: Mom.. Im so sorry...

Mom: You have nothing to be sorry about Sam.. He would have killed you if you had come out...

Sam: No mom, Im sorry that I wasnt the perfect daughter. I could have done more. Im sorry for all the arguments, Im so sorry mom.

Mom: All I ever wanteed to show you was that I loved you... Thats all I ever wanted to show you..

Sam: You did mom, you did.

Mom: Jake... Take care of your sister... Always protect her. All you have now is each other.. Find him..

Jake: Find who mom...? Dad??

Mom: No.... him.. He can save us.

Jake: You're not making any sense mom.

Mom: I love you both....

*her eyes slowly shut.*

Sam: Mom...? No no no....

*Sam holding onto her mom began to cry as Jake looked over with tears of his own. The house began to rumble as objects began to fall around them. Sam was still holding onto her mom*

Jake: Sam we gotta go!

Sam: Im not leaving her!

Jake: Shes gone Sam! You have to. We have to go!

*Jake grabbed his sisters arm and pulled her away from her mother. The two ran out of the bedroom as the roof caved in. They rushed down the stairs as the roof was starting to come down in pieces. To the right more of those creatures could be seen running out of the kitchen as the roof fell down on them. Sam and Jake rushed out the front door barely escaping the destruction of the house. They stopped and looked at all the chaos around them as people were being chased and branded. Kids being taken away from parents and parents being pulled away. This was hell on earth*

*It was said that in the second coming of christ the anti christ would emerge and all his minions would rise from hell to claim earth as their own. So far there has been no sight of christ, When satans minions invaded you would be asked 1 question. You either join them or you die. Those that chose to die were slaughtered and those who chose to live were branded in the head with a number and forced into camps for a single purpose; Satans Army. There were some who managed to avoid capture and those were the people we were looking for. We started out looking for our father but so far we've had no luck. Its been a month since we lost our mother and we've been on our own ever since. The creatures that took everybody and killed our mother are called reapers and avoiding them has been no easy task. They have brute stength and can run faster and jump higher than anything you've ever seen. They do have one weakness though, the neck. You stab the neck and you can kill them. Stabbing them anywhere else will do you no good. Theres a group who call themselves Salvation. Maybe a hundred survivors or so we've heard and we're hoping to find our father amongst them, so thats our destination for now but making it through thee streets of New York will not be easy. Not with the reapers around.

To be continued